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Where to start?
  • Brainstorm a number of possible ideas for the essay, perhaps 3 or 4.
  • Decide on the best choice and plan very carefully. (This is the most important stage when completing a coursework essay.)
Also, consider the following important points:
  • Setting
  • Characters
  • Outline of Events
  • Possible dialogue
  • Description
  • Research

Drafting your essay

  • The introduction must be strong. Consider the order of events. Will you start at the beginning or use "flashback"?
  • Include descriptive passages to help set the scene.
  • Add direct speech and reported speech, this adds interest and perspective.
  • Remember to maintain your reader's interest e.g. set the scene carefully then build to a dramatic event.
  • Try and leave your reader with a memorable conclusion. What did you learn from these events? What experience can you pass on in your essay? Is there a twist at the end?

Proof reading

Always remember to complete this carefully. Spelling, punctuation and grammar must be accurate. You should be able to give your assignment a title at this stage.

Final Draft

Your presentation must be excellent, and word-processing your essay would be a good idea.

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