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French phrase/word Actual translation What you thought it might mean
assister à
un car
une cave
une librairie
le pétrole
le photographe
passer un examen
les chips
une caméra
une pièce
la location
to attend (e.g. school)
a coach
a cellar
a bookshop
crude oil
a photographer
to take an exam
a film/movie camera
a room / a coin
hiring/renting out
To "assist" in French is aider
A "car" in French is une voiture
A "cave" in French is une caverne
A "library" in French is une bibliothèque
"Petrol" in French is l'essence
A "photograph" in French is une photographie
To "pass an exam" in French is réussir à un examen
"Chips" in French is les frites
"Sensible" in French is sensé
"Large" in French is grand
A "camera" in French is un appareil-photo
A "piece" in French is un morceau
A "location / place" in French is un endroit

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