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The bullet points below show the main points needed to answer a question similar to that shown. The example of Gilbert Hitchen's Farm on the Cheshire Plain in the UK has been used.


"Agricultural Land Use is affected by many factors. Choose a pastoral farm you have studied. Explain how physical and human factors have affected the land use."


Physical factors:

  • Flat land needed
  • Fertile soil
  • Suitable climate with enough rain and sunshine
Human factors:
  • Transport - M6 is nearby
  • Markets - Manchester and Liverpool nearby
  • Government - enforces that 15% of the farm's land should be set aside.
  • Lack of profits through milk etc... because he does not have the money to invest in quality control therefore he gets a lower price for the milk. This may lead him to diversification. Paint-balling, bike-racing, opening for tourists, caravan sites, bed and breakfasts, or complete conversion of farm land into a golf course for example...

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