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The following case studies have been listed so that you can either research them yourself, or, if you have already studied them in class, you know which topic area to apply them to.

Case Study

Caribbeans / Asians into UK
Turks to W. Germany
Mexicans to USA
North to South UK

Your local area
Rio de Janeiro
Sao Paulo
Japanese cities

Cheshire Plain
Amazon Rainforest
Dust Bowl USA

South Wales
"M4 Corridor"
Textiles in India
South Eastern Brazil

Lynmouth Flood
River Nile - Aswan Dam
Courmayeur, Italy
Dorset Coast, S. England
Yorkshire Coast, E. England
Netherlands (MEDC)
Bangladesh (LEDC)

Climate, Weather, and Water
Manaus / Amazon
Topic Area

Strict government birth control
International Migration
International Migration
International Migration
Internal Migration

Site and situation of settlements
Shanty towns
Problems in developing cities
Problems in developed cities
Changes in a city
New Town in the developing world
Urban Redevelopment

Overcoming physical problems / Capital intensive farming
Diversification on a farm
Shifting cultivation / Influence of physical factors
Desertification - the causes, consequences, solutions
Soil erosion

Coal: Primary Industry (raw material location)
and Steel: Secondary Industry (changing location factors)
and Industrial region in MEDC / Importance of transport
Industrial region in MEDC / Importance of transport
Worldwide location of Trans-national Company
Worldwide / European location of Trans-national Company
Industrial region in LEDC / Change over time
Industrial region in LEDC / Importance of transport, market

Causes and effects
Features of lower course of river / River flooding
River management to reduce flooding / drought
and Multipurpose scheme / Importance of irrigation
Use of glacial valley for tourism
Erosional features in hard chalk and limestone
Flamborough Head to Spurn Point
Causes / effects / prevention of coastal flooding
Causes / effects of coastal flooding
and Hurricanes / Means of preventing loss of life

Tropical Desert
Equatorial Climate
Savanna / continental interior

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