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GCSE Geography > Population Case Study 1 - Turks Migrating to West Germany

The bullet points below show the main points needed to answer a question similar to that shown. The example of the Turks migrating to West Germany has been used.


"Choose an international migration you have studied. Explain why the migrants were attracted to the country they settled in and describe the problems that the migration caused for that country."


Reasons for migrating:

  • Turkey has limited industry
  • The migrants expected a better life in Germany jobs, pay, health etc...
  • Turks could help in the rebuilding of Germany after the war
Problems caused for the country that accepted the migrants:
  • When economy slowed down there were problems fewer jobs available
  • Migrants were therefore not needed anymore and so unemployment was high
  • Racial unrest Turks were supposedly taking the jobs that the native Germans should have
  • 1989 Berlin wall fell East Germans worked for low pay, therefore there was a conflict between East Germans and Turks

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