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GCSE Geography > Population Case Study 2 - North to South Migration in the UK

The bullet points below show the main points needed to answer a question similar to that shown. The example of movement from north-west to the south-east in the UK has been used.


"Choose a national migration you have studied. Explain why the migrants were attracted to the area of the country they settled in and describe the effects that the migration caused for that area."


"Push" factors from North West:

  • Closure of heavy industry in the north west (e.g. Sheffield steel industry)
  • Fewer opportunities
  • Not as many services
  • Harsher climate (colder / wetter)
"Pull" factors of South East:
  • Well paid work
  • Greater number of jobs and opportunities
  • Good communications - motorway links
  • Cultural / Social attractions (galleries, theatres, restaurants etc... especially in London)
Negative effects on North West:
  • Less money in economy
  • Services closed
  • Crime increase
  • Aging population
Positive effects on North West:
  • More jobs for those left
  • Government assistance - cheaper for new businesses
Negative effects on South East:
  • Overcrowding
  • Traffic congestion
  • Higher house prices

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