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The bullet points below show the main points needed to answer a question similar to that shown. The example of the London Docklands has been used as it is a good example of urban redevelopment in an MEDC (More Economically Developed Country)


"Urban Redevelopment is a feature of cities in MEDCs. Choose a city in an MEDC where redevelopment has taken place. Describe the redevelopment, its effects, and why it was necessary."


The redevelopment:

  • Government and private investment
  • Attracted new industry - newspapers / banks etc...
  • New housing built to replace old terraces
  • Mix of renovation and modern housing
  • Airport built
  • Transport links improved
  • Arena built
  • Parks put in place


  • Greater benefit to the wealthier than the not so rich inhabitants
  • New jobs taken up by skilled and educated ("city jobs" relocated)
  • Housing more expensive
  • Original locals find it hard to stay because of changes

Why it was necessary:

  • Decline of area occurred in late 60s / early 70s
  • Other new ports on the south east coast such as Dover / Margate opened - London Docklands became less important
  • Did not keep up with technology
  • The decline in the docklands lead to over 30,000 dockside job losses

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