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GCSE History > Treaty of Versailles - Effect on Germany

The following list outlines how Germany was affected and how they felt regarding the treaty:
  • The German people were horrified - the fact that they had to accept blame for starting the war lead to the huge reparation bill.
  • Germany lost 10% of land, 12.5% population, all overseas colonies, and many raw materials.
  • At first Germany refused to sign and sunk ships in protest.
  • Economy was in a mess so reparations would cripple people.
  • Army was a symbol of pride - it was felt to be unfair that no one else was disarmed.
  • Lost money as a result of loss of territories.
  • Insulted that it wasn't invited to join the League of Nations.
  • Germany felt that it wasn't in keeping with Wilson's 14 Points - self determination.
  • Germany fell behind on reparations in 1922.
  • 1923 - French and Belgium troops took what was owed.
  • German government ordered strike but French killed 100 workers.
  • No goods so government printed more money which led to hyperinflation.
The treaty was also criticised by the "big three":
  • Clemenceau - thought action not harsh enough.
  • Wilson - was disappointed as well as the USA not actually approving the treaty.
  • Lloyd George - received a hero's welcome back to the UK but said it would lead to another war.

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