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Clemenceau (France)
  • Wanted to cripple Germany so it couldn't attack France again.
  • France had suffered the most during the war so Clemenceau was under great pressure to make Germany pay.
  • Wanted Germany broken down into smaller states so that it would not rise to be such a power as it had done already. It would be weakened.

Wilson (USA)

  • Wanted a better and more peaceful world.
  • He was idealistic - proposed League of Nations.
  • USA had joined war late (1917) and hadn't suffered much.
  • Set up 14 points but had to sacrifice them for the development of the League.
  • Believed in self-determination.

Lloyd George (UK)

  • Wanted Germany to be justly punished but not too harshly. He still wanted Germany as an economic partner.
  • Germany to lose navy and colonies as these were a threat to Britain's.
  • Wanted Germany and Britain to trade again.
  • He didn't want Germany seeking revenge in the future.
  • There was pressure at home to make Germany pay - he was elected promising this.

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