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What Christians believe about God
  • Creator of the universe - "In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth." (Genesis)
  • God sees and knows everything, so his judgement is perfect.
  • Humans are made "in God's image." (having awareness, morality, free will)
  • God is like a heavenly Father
  • The Lord's prayer - "Our Father in Heaven..." shows God as holy, providing for out needs, offering guidance, judging/forgiving our sins. (Matthew 6)
  • Jesus is God as a human
  • Jesus is fully human (he feels temptation and pain)
  • Jesus is fully God (he performs miracles)
  • Christians believe there is one God, however, He is "One God in 3 persons."
  • The Trinity shows God in different ways:
  • The Father - All-powerful creator
  • God the Son - Jesus is "God made flesh."
  • God the Holy Spirit - makes God known in believers' lives
What Moslems believe about God
  • Creator and sustainer of the universe.
  • Revealed to people through the prophet Mohammed (pbuh)
  • Judge of all people
  • All-seeing and knowing; "He is with you wherever you are." (Surah 57)
  • "He is above all comprehension, yet He himself knows everything." (Surah 6)
  • "There is one God and Mohammed (pbuh) is his prophet.' Shahadah - declaration of faith.
  • But the 99 names show Allah has many aspects to his nature
  • For example - The All-knowing, The Protector, The Lord of Creation, The Merciful, The Humbler
  • It is wrong to believe that Allah could be human
  • It is wrong to make an image of Allah
  • Islamic art represents Allah's perfection with geometric designs
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