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How God is Made Known

Religions believe that God makes Himself known to people in a variety of ways. This is called Revelation - God has been revealed. There are two types of revelation:

  • General revelation is INDIRECT and available to everyone (e.g. through the natural world or sacred texts - the Bible or Qur'an.)
  • Special revelation is DIRECT and given to a particular person/people at a specific time. (e.g. through a miraculous healing, conversion, prayer, worship)
Types of Revelation
  • Through prayer - communication between God and humans
  • Through people - religious leaders are often God's witnesses, teaching people about God and life. (e.g. The Pope, Martin Luther King etc... in Christianity, or in Islam through the prophet Mohammed (pbuh), an Islamic priest - Imam or Mullah)
  • Dreams and Visions - God "speaks" through a dream (e.g. Telling Mary she would bear God's son.)
  • Worship - When believers gather together to focus on God, who may be made known through their thoughts and feelings, sometimes in quite dramatic ways.
  • Sacred texts: Through specific passages from the Bible/Qur'an.
  • Miracles - e.g. Jesus turns water into wine/raises Lazarus from death.
  • Nature can reveal God because it is His creation. Like the way a piece of art "reveals" the artist. e.g. "God rides on the wings of the wind." (Psalm 104)
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