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I've been tutoring online for 3 years, with over 250 hours spent in sessions with students. I run very student-led sessions where you're in control of your own learning. Sessions are tailored to how you learn, and while I do have some set topic plans e.g. "get to grips with algebra" and "triangles with trigonometry" most of the time I run sessions where you pick the topic each time. We can dip in and out of topics to really make sure we focus on what you want to improve.

Maths (A Level)
Exp : 2 years

I find a lot of students lack confidence not because they don't know topics but because exams suddenly link different topics together. We'll look at the base skill during the first half of the session and then start mixing it up with other topics.

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Maths (GCSE)
Exp : 3 years

Sessions will focus on building on the key skills you already know to help you gain confidence when approaching more challenging questions and sharing exam techniques to help you figure out what to do under pressure.

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