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2nd Year UCL GCSE/A-Level Maths tutor, tailoring learning to you
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I was a tutor throughout high school - it started out as helping friends who were struggling with material during GCSEs (mostly core subjects) and expanded as more people heard, to me going to students' homes every week for tutoring sessions. This then grew when I became a Mathematics Prefect in my senior year, when my teacher asked me to help some GCSE students who were struggling with Mathematics, helping them to eventually get 7-9s in the final exam.

Maths (A Level)
Exp : 3 years

Tutored peers during sixth form as well as tutoring younger A-Level students once at university, where I saw a major improvement in a lot of test scores, and helped a lot of students regain the confidence they needed.

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Maths (GCSE)
Exp : 5 years

I've tutored GCSE Mathematics from when I was in year 10 all the way to when I was in senior year as a Mathematics Prefect - I know how to tailor the sessions to the student and achieve measurable improvements in their learning and self-confidence.

  • £ 12 Online
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