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I'm a 23 year old Newcastle University Graduate with a years worth of teaching experience. I have just finished living in China for year, where I worked as a primary school teacher. I taught 800+ students a week, including classes of 45+ students. I therefore have experience creating and preparing understandable lesson plans on a wide range of topics. I look forward to hearing from you!

Maths (GCSE)
Exp : Less than 1 year

I am currently tutoring Maths GCSE for the National Tutoring Program (NTP), I therefore have experience teaching this subject. I achieved an A* at GCSE and am well equipped to help, especially as I myself found Maths at school a hard subject!

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English (A Level)
Exp : 2 years

I achieved an A* in English Literature at A-level. I also have a years worth of primary school English teaching experience.

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History (University)
Exp : 4 years

I hold a BA (hons) first class degree in history from Newcastle University. In my final year I completed a substantive individual piece of work entitled 'Civic or Ethnic: Deconstructing French national identity within the Dreyfus Affair'.

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