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Cat Rust

Inspiring A-level Maths Tutor, aiming to to help you to love maths!
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I completed my A-levels around 2 years ago, so I have a thorough understanding of the curriculum. During my A-levels, many students came to me asking for help with various elements of the course. I enjoy helping others learn and quickly found I have an ability to explain things to others in a way that they understand. I enjoy being able to explain mathematical problems to others and to help them find solutions in their own way and without judgement. I find it very satisfying to explain an idea that somebody is struggling with in a way that they can relate to and fully understand, because of this, I am hoping to pursue a career in academia. I have a methodical approach and believe that Mathematics is best taught when it is built up. I like to break down key ideas into manageable chunks and then slowly develop them into the main methods and concepts needed for the A-level. I want to help students to understand why the methods they are doing work and not to just be able to replicate them. I believe that this underlying understanding of the material is key to success in A-level Maths and Further Maths.

Maths (A Level)
Exp : Less than 1 year

A-level Maths and Further Maths tutoring for those on any exam board! We will start by understanding any concepts you are struggling with, and then go on to look at how to tackle the exam questions.

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