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Warwick university Maths and Physics Masters student, teaching A-level and GCSE.
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Hi, I'm Milan, I'm a friendly 3rd year university student passionate about maths and physics. In sixth form I gained some experience as a maths mentor for GCSE students. As a tutor I enjoy solidifying fundamental concepts, but I will also familiarise myself with your specifications. I take a patient, informed approach, tailored to you with my own concise methods and materials. I aim to give you the confidence and capability to succeed.

Maths (A Level)
Exp : 4 years

A Level Maths: I have studied Maths for 2 years at A-Level and for 2 years at university. I like to teach maths by solidifying the concepts and going through practice problems. I also teach Further maths.

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Physics (GCSE)
Exp : 6 years

I Have 6 years of experience from GCSE Physics to University Physics. I found that GCSE Physics is generally about hitting mark schemes precisely, so I teach by going over the basic concepts and encouraging concise descriptions to get full marks.

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Maths (GCSE)
Exp : 6 years

GCSE Maths: I have 6 years of experience from GCSE Maths to university Maths. At GCSE its important to learn the fundamentals and also the exam technique steps of topic recognition, recall, working out, and checking for silly mistakes.

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