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Enthusiastic mathematician, I focus on understanding to build a strong foundation then building up from there.
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I have recently finished my PhD in Mathematics. I have worked in several maths outreach schemes and have taught small group university students. I have also tutored one to one online for KS3 and KS2 and GCSE. Most students weaknesses come from their confidence and misunderstanding early mathematics. I'll focus on building confidence and understanding in those core principles so that you can build up from them.

Maths (KS3)
Exp : 1 years

Work on any areas of weakness with the aim of building confidence and understanding of how mathematics works.

  • £ 25 Online
Maths (GCSE)
Exp : 1 years

Build confidence with the material in the syllabus and understand what it means. Initially I'll determine any areas of weakness. We will focus on these until the student feels confident. We will then review.

  • £ 20 Online
Maths (A Level)
Exp : 1 years

Maths and Further Maths Available. Focus on building understanding in weaker areas. I aim to get students to a place where they can work out what to do in a question using the knowledge rather than needing to memorise previous questions.

  • £ 25 Online
Maths (University)
Exp : 4 years

Experience: Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Ordinary Differential Equations, Foundation Maths, Calculus, Mathematical Modelling, Dynamical Systems 1st year modules-Yes Consultation required for later modules unless listed above.

  • £ 30 Online
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