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Recent Physics graduate with years of experience in tutoring GCSE and A-Level Maths and Physics.
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Recent MSci Physics graduate from Imperial College London. I have years of experience in tutoring many people, and I always love to see how much my students improve over the years. I do my best to explain difficult concepts as simply as possible, helping people not only understand their subjects better, but also be less scared of them. I've given high-quality lessons in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, French and Spanish (I'm conversationally fluent in both) at all levels up to A-level, and have got great feedback from students and their parents.

Spanish (A Level)
Exp : 2 years

I am passionate about languages and have attained a level of conversational fluency in Spanish. I speak it comfortably almost every day with Spanish people that I know, and have excellent grammar and pronunciation. I find it very enjoyable to teach.

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French (A Level)
Exp : 4 years

I studied French up to A-level in school and continued learning throughout my degree. In my third year, I was abroad in Switzerland where I learnt Physics in French. I am comfortable conversing in French, and care a lot about grammar too.

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Maths (A Level)
Exp : 6 years

I very often tutor maths, and my very theoretical Physics degree has built a lot on the maths I learnt at school. I got a high A* at Maths and Further Maths A-level and still have a firm grasp on all of the difficult topics at A-level.

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Physics (A Level)
Exp : 6 years

This is my main subject and I've tutored it for as long as I can remember! Over this time I've developed some really good and clear ways of explaining the concepts that people often tend to get confused by.

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