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Aspiring Human Rights Barrister with a demonstrated commitment to quality, student-tailored teaching.
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250+ lessons of inclusive and productive tutoring have proved formative for my development as an English tutor. Previously, in a tuition centre and through an online tutoring set-up, I have delivered tailored lessons to a diverse set of students. To deliver the highest quality learning experience for students and value for money for parents, I employed a creative array of learning materials and methods e.g. videos to aid visual learners; dramatic role-play to improve students’ grasp of content, and group discussions to encourage communication and lateral thinking.

Law (University)
Exp : 3 years

As a student mentor to first and second-year undergrads, I provided academic guidance through weekly lessons. I helped students draft a study schedule and facilitated their learning through tailor-made revision resources.

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English Litrature (A Level)
Exp : 2 years

I privately tutored A-level students, delivering tailored online and in-person lessons. I prepared revision resources for students and bolstered their confidence in focus areas flagged by their schools.

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English (GCSE)
Exp : 2 years

As a GCSE English Tutor with MyTutor, I have delivered 200+ lessons to groups of intellectually diverse students. I meticulously recorded students’ learning progress and devised outlines of upcoming lessons to keep parents and schools well-informed.

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