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Richa De Souza

Experienced GCSE Science and maths and A-Level chemistry and Biology tutor
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hello, I'm currently a BSc. Psychology student and I've been tutoring for the past 2 years. As a student myself, i understand that being a student you don't want to spend tons of money on a tutor so my prices are always flexible. Science and maths is hard, so let me help you.

Maths (GCSE)
Exp : 2 years

Maths is all about practice. I've helped students go from grades 3 and 4 to grades 7 and 8(A+). In maths, the secret is to work smart not hard. Message me if you want in on the tips and tricks and let's start working smart.

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Science (GCSE)
Exp : 2 years

This is a very important year as it will decide your future. I understand science is hard so let me help you. I've tutored GCSE students and improved their grades from 4's and 5's to 7's, 8's and even 9's. All it needs is dedication.

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Chemistry (A Level)
Exp : 1 years

Chemistry is not about memorising but more about applications, hence writing the same answer as the mark scheme is hard. But trust me with a few steps and tricks you can definitely make your way to A+.

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Biology (A Level)
Exp : 1 years

Biology is a VAST subject, the content is vast but allow me to let you in on a secret that doesn't require you to memorise every detail yet get an A+ . Is that something you are interested in? then just message me.

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