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Hi! I am Wafae and I am a first-year Biomedical Sciences student at UCL. I have a very rich science-related background. I studied Biology, Maths, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics in one of the most renowned Science High Schools in my Italian hometown. I can teach all the above-mentioned subjects since I have been teaching students of all ages since I was 15.

Science (A Level)
Exp : 7 years

1.Biology 2.Chemistry 3.Genetics 4.Physics 5.Physiology 6.Developmental biology

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Chemistry (A Level)
Exp : 6 years

1. Structure and bonding in simple molecules ( Lewis theory, VSPER theory, molecular orbital theory) 2. Intermolecular forces 3. Writing and balancing reactions 4. Visible light/UV spectroscopy, NMR, IR 5. Kinetics and chemical rates 6. pH

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Biology (A Level)
Exp : 7 years

1.Cell Biology 2. Genetics 3. Viruses, bacteria, and infection 4. Metabolism 5. Homeostasis ( Physiology) 6. Cell signalling

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