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Ariel Adebola

Improve your confidence in your abilities! Passionate science GCSE and Psychology A-level tutrp
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I am a final year Psychology student (going on to a Master's qualification), with A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology (ABB). I am super outgoing, warm, and understanding. I want to help students reach their full potential and I understand that some students need an extra push and it is never. bad thing! Looking forward to helping improve the grades of students and make an impact in their lives :)

Psychology (A Level)
Exp : Less than 1 year

Psychology A-level for all exam boards, for both years

  • £ 12 Online
  • £ 12 Student's Home
Chemistry (GCSE)
Exp : Less than 1 year

Chemistry for all GCSE years, ranging from Year 9-11.

  • £ 10 Online
  • £ 10 Student's Home
Biology (GCSE)
Exp : Less than 1 year

Biology A-level for all years, ranging from Year 9-11

  • £ 10 Online
  • £ 10 Student's Home
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