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Irony Expressing something by using words that mean the opposite (humorous or sarcastic)
Analogy Comparing the likeness of two things
Personification Giving an inanimate object human characteristics
Simile Comparing two objects as they have something in common (e.g. as white as snow)
Alliteration Repetition of a consonant in a phrase (e.g. Harry had a hole in his hard hat)
Assonance Repetition of vowel sound (e.g. cold, told, bold)
Parataxis Use of very short, sharp sentences
Metaphor Comparisons which don't use "like" or "as", but say that something "is" something else because it is similar
Imagery Using language to convey an atmosphere
Onomatopoeia When spoken, a word which sounds the same as its meaning (e.g. "hiss" - a snake)
Hyperbole Exaggerating something so much that it cannot be taken literally

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