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Always put the date and place where you are writing from on the right hand side at the top of the letter, even in informal letters. In the case of formal letters, your full name and address should go above this on the left side of the page:

Simon S. Smith
2733 Long Road
LU15 4PQ

Liverpool, le 22 avril 2007

Introducing the letter

Monsieur / Madame, (formal)
or Cher (masculine) / Chère (feminine) ("Dear" - informal)

Phrases to use in the body of the letter

Ça va? ("How's it going?" - informal)
Merci de ta lettre ("Thanks for your letter.")
J'étais très content de recevoir tes nouvelles ("I was very pleased to hear from you.")

Finishing off the letter

À bientôt ("Bye for now" - informal)
Amitiés ("Best wishes" - informal)
Je vous prie d'agréer, monsieur / madame, l'expression de mes sentiments distingué ("Yours faithfully / sincerely")

Important points

  • Remember to try to develop your answers.
  • Vary the tenses you use as much as possible.
  • Include some long sentences as well as the odd shorter one.
  • Put as many idioms in to your letter as possible.
  • Include your opinions.

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