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Having an abortion may seem a suitable option due to the reasons listed below:
  • If there is a risk of the baby being disabled
  • If continuing a pregnancy threatens the mothers life
  • If having a baby would threaten the mother's quality of life
  • If the mother does not want the baby
  • The woman has the right to determine what happens to her body
  • The legal right to abortion largely avoids the problems of illegal, unsafe abortions
  • The woman's rights outweigh those of the foetus
Protestant Christian teaching that permits abortion
  • God gave humans free will; so do not force a woman to have a child
  • "Love your neighbour as you love yourself." (Matthew 22) means people should be understanding towards those in a difficult situation.
  • "Early embryos do not have the moral value of persons." (Lord Habgood, former Archbishop of York)
  • Jesus healed - Christians should do the same
  • God gave people the power to reason; abortion can be the "lesser of two evils."
Islamic teaching that accepts abortion
  • "Do not take life...except for just cause." (Surah 17)
(The Catholic church teaches that abortion is wrong)

Note - if asked, it is easier to contrast Catholic/Protestant views than Christian/Moslem. Give the Catholic teaching as "anti abortion" and Protestant/Moslem as "accepting abortion."

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